Friday, 6 September 2013

#05 Post arm lipo Week 5 and post thigh lipo Week 14

Hi guys I'm back with the photos! I'm sorry for the lack in updates as I've been pretty busy. I'll be heading to Medan soon for my tummy lipo. I'm pretty excited that this time I'll be getting to visit the new airport but not as excited because it'll be a 1hr45mins car ride to Elixir De Vie. :( It used to be just a 20 mins car ride to Elixir De Vie!

Post thigh lipo Week 13

Please take note that thighs are swelling due to my period. I was swelling before and after my period. This was taken during my period. I will upload a few other photos of my thighs when the swelling has gone down.

Post arm lipo Week 4

Swelling of arms gone down by third week. This was taken week 4 post op.

Very significant changes if you refer to photos posted in the previous post! All of my girlfriends are starting to question about my arms!!! Note: they don't know about me undergoing liposuction. They'd comment on how tiny my arms are now and proceed to press my arms. I wish I could take a photo of their faces whenever they press my arms! Hahaha my arms are kinda hard now after liposuction(which will improve in time with daily massage) and they thought that I've been working out a lot esp on my upper body.

Post Arm Lipo Week 5

Apologies for this upside down video. I've been trying and trying to flip it but whenever i post it up on youtube or blogger it reverts back to normal. Any idea how I can go about it? Please use your phone to view this video so that you can turn your phone upside down for now. Will look for a solution!! 

That's all for now! Gotta start planning on the next trip!! :)

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

#04 Post Thigh Liposuction Week 11 and Post Arm Liposuction Week 2

I'm sorry it took so long for me to update my posts, I was kinda busy enjoying skinny thighs and arms. Hehehe. I can't tell you how much life has changed for me ever since the liposuction; the amount of confidence I've gained in this short 11 weeks is shocking. But no, I'm not snobby and proud - just a lot happier!

Before I upload the photos and videos, I'd like all readers here to know that I'm a pretty troublesome patient when it comes to arms liposuction and here's why:

If you look closely, you'd notice something a little off about my shoulder. I really really hope you guys can't tell but well, there's a little lump on my shoulder. What is really troublesome about this is that I'd bleed to non-stop or to death IF the cannula hits that spot. See, this lump really hurts, sometimes when someone hits me on the shoulder or if I so stupidly walk into a lamp post, I get IMMEDIATE bruising. And it hurts like mad.

What exactly is that: "hemangioma is a benign, and usually a self-involuting tumor, (swelling or growth) of the endothelial cells that line blood vessels and is characterised by increased number of normal or abnormal vessels filled with blood." as quoted in Wikipedia. 

So basically it's a lump filled with lots of blood vessels and these vessels are filled with blood. The problem is that you can't really tell how deep it is just by looking at it. Point is that, when going for arms liposuction, it's a lot more risk for me to take compared to normal patients.

I'm not trying to sell Dr.Arthur, but somehow I felt safe knowing that he 1) knows what that is immediately during the consultation without me explaining 2) during pre operative markings he told me that he was going to leave about 2cm because we can never accurately know how deep the blood vessels are located.

What I liked was that he knew what he was doing and I really liked his confidence. Anyway, I made it out alive. Not only that, I made it out alive and skinnier than before. muahahaha, uhuk uhuk :') .


Post Arm Liposuction

During Operation:

Immediate post-op:

Post Op Day 1: 

The only visible bruise I had was on my left arm. It was gone by the 5th day. 

1st Week:

Swelling up pretty bad and both arms are really really hard. But I couldn't wait to head out with my new arms so I did anyway. Hehe.

I'll be taking videos of my arms and I'll be posting it up in probably the next post. Do keep a look out! :)


Post thigh liposuction week 10

Week 11:

There are significant changes in just one week(week10 to week11) !!! AMAZING.

I'll be uploading videos of my thighs as well. So if you're keen, do check in frequently!

Stay tuned for more updates!

P.S Can't wait for my period to be over to book flights for my tummy lipo! ;)

Sunday, 28 July 2013

#03 Post thigh lipo week 6 and update on arms lipo

Hello everyone! If you have been going through Dr.Arthur's facebook, you'd know that I went back for my arms liposuction barely six weeks after my thigh lipo. Well yes, I'm trying to rush it out for Zoukout, that's true.

But hey, I'm really eager to take a look at my whole body transformation. The results are amazing and the best part? I don't have to worry about having any complications as Dr.Arthur uses the traditional syringe method. I hope you don't think that I'm helping Dr.Arthur with the advertising... You must understand how good it feels to be in the hands of a trustable doctor and that you only have to concentrate on recovering after the surgery knowing that it'll definitely turn out good. I can't imagine having to undergo liposuction with another doctor and having to worry if I'd kena those ugly cloud looking complications.

source: case no. 66

Both pictures are post op done by another surgeon. UGH. I cannot imagine having that!!! Or having to worry about having that!!!!

Update on my thighs: 

Anyway, my legs are amazing they look so long now!! It used to look shorter and a lot heavier. Honestly, I'm feeling more confident than ever.

Before and after of thighs!                  

Here's the 6 week post op lipo video of my thighs:

video link :

I'm having problems uploading my pre op thigh video/stitching all videos together. But I'll keep trying! For now, just take a look at my pretty legs. Hahah!

Anyway, I cannot stress enough the importance of having to massage your lipo-ed areas everyday. You'll get to see changes and it helps expedite the recovery. Post op care is extremely important! I mean, I've got skinny legs now without having to exercise and it's the easy way out so I wouldn't mind having to put in some extra effort to massage it.

Arms liposuction with Dr.Arthur: 

I'll go ahead and post up some pre-op photos and post op photos and videos. Enjoy! :)

Just look at the flabby arms! BLECH!

Okay now for some post op photos! 

Can you already tell the difference??? :O

I'm going to cry :(((((((((( ALL MY FATS ARE GONE. And I have skinny arms now.

Let the pictures do the talking.

Post Operation day 1

I have a few other videos on hand which require a little more effort(flipping and compressing) before uploading and I'll be uploading them in few days. So stay tuned if you're keen! :)


Best breakfast EVER. 

Mr.Suyono(?) the friendly driver 

Remember to stay tuned for more videos and updates on both thigh and arms post lipo! :)

Thursday, 11 July 2013

#02 Post lipo 6 weeks

Hi I'm back with post op photos! Recovery was a breeze for me just keep in mind to massage diligently. I swelled up pretty bad after the first week in Singapore. My feet, tummy and arms were all swelling. I think I'm the only patient who has experienced such horrible swelling before. Haha but fear not if that ever happens to you, it should be gone in about a week.

When I massage my thighs, they are really hard inside. I guess it's the scar tissues? But with massage they get smaller everyday. Up till today(6weeks post op), I'm still experiencing slight skin numbness. When I feel my thighs with my own hands, my thighs can't really feel much. I can't feel much if anyone touches me actually. But it's getting much much much better now.

First day in Singapore:


Third day:
it's starting to swell up really bad.

 Fourth day:
Swelling persists but bruises starting to fade.

 Following week:
-Swelling peaks
-hurts to walk
-skin hurts due to the swelling.

Calves were swelling up pretty bad. But look! All bruises are almost gone by now!

Third week:
-Water retention susided
-Bruises all gone by now

Sixth week:
-Legs are a lot slimmer and I'm only done with about 1/6 of full recovery period(6 months) !

Will be posting more before and after photos in my next post. Stay tuned! :)